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I specialize in breed-specific cuts. For those who like bows and nail polish, SORRY!  I do not tranquilize any pet in order to groom it. If they become too upset to handle with tender care, I do not attempt to force whatever service. All pets are hand-dried with a non-heating blow dryer. Heated drying cages are never used here.

Grooming is by appointment only with these choices: 

1.  You can drop your dog off at the appointment time and pick it up immediately after grooming;
2.  You can drop your dog off for the day between 7:30 & 10:00 a.m. and pick it up between 3:00 & 6:00 p.m.;
or 3.   Your dog can be groomed while it's being boarded during a weekday ready to go when you return. 

Grooming includes a bath, nails, ear cleaning, drying and styling (brushed out and/or clipped). 

Just a bath also includes nails, ears, and drying. 

Prices are based on how long it takes to groom your dog. 

Up to 25 # - $15
25 to 75# - $20
75# and over  - $25
(Over100# -You help put dog in tub!)

Miniature Schnauzers - $30
Miniature Poodles - $30
Spaniels - $35
Shih Tzu - $30
Llasa Apso - $30
Scotties - $30
Westies - $30
Golden Retrievers - $40
Giant Schnauzers - $45
Standard Poodles - $45
Airedales - $45
Hand Strip Small Terriers - $45 (If you stay - $55)
This page was last updated on: April 23, 2013