The Border Terrier breed was developed in the border country between England and Scotland.  A hardy working dog, though one of the smaller terriers (12"-14" at withers), they had sufficient length of leg to follow a horse, but were small enough to follow a fox to ground. Bred to protect the farmer's livestock, they are  known for their courage, stamina, and cunning.

Outstanding characteristics of this well-mannered companion include a weather-resistant wire double coat, otter-like head, and erect, undocked tail.  The Border is an excellent family dog adapting well to apartment or country life that includes children and other pets.  Their coat, though requiring some maintenance such as hand-stripping twice a year and some combing, is easily managed.  They do require daily exercise.  They are a healthy, long-lived breed that have been described as unspoiled, umpampered and uninhibited, and are sometimes referred to as a LBD (Little Brown Dog).

Dogwood Kennels offers to place our home-raised puppies with people who will appreciate these characteristics.  Certain requirements must be agreed upon before I will offer placement.  Like most breeders today, I am only willing to place puppies with people who can offer lifetime ownership and are responsible pet neighbors. Follow the instructions on the Questionnaire page for filling out a questionnaire to get on my puppy list.
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Jessie , who was bred to Bumper, had a litter of three on Jan. 8th. These puppies have been spoken for. To get on my puppy list, please fill out my questionnaire. To see more frequent puppy pictures, "Like" us Facebook to see more pictures. There will not be another litter for several months.